Harvard Jazz in Cuba 2017


We need your help! Help us fundraise $60,000 to reach Cuba!

Why travel to Cuba?
Besides being a land of vast cultural diversity, Cuba is rich with a variety of musical traditions, and the incredible musicians who continue them. The Harvard Jazz Bands, led by native Cuban and GRAMMY-nominee Yosvany Terry, will have the opportunity to perform at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory (ENA), and the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Furthermore, the Harvard Jazz Bands will also perform with Cuba's most renowned jazz legends, including performer and composer Joaquín Betancourt, trumpeter Julio Padrón, pianist Harold López-Nussa, pianist Roberto Carcassés, saxophonist Cesar Filiú, percussionist and vocalist Eladio “Don Pancho” Terry, bassist Gastón Joya, drummer Rodney Barreto, and vocalist Bobby Carcassés.
The Harvard Jazz Bands will also work with Horns to Havana to donate quality instruments to young Cubans, ensuring that we do more than just play music, but we also do good, and leave a positive and lasting impression on Cuba and its cultural scene.

This trip will be historic for the recently-landlocked Harvard Jazz Bands, and historic for any American university. HARVARD is in a unique position to make history and set a positive tone for nascent US-Cuba cultural relations and exchanges, facilitated by this trip by the Harvard Jazz Bands. This trip will also expand the legacy of the Harvard Jazz Bands themselves, reinvigorating their presence and relevance on campus and in the local cultural scene.


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We’d like to thank our generous donors so far:

Best Friend ($2,000+):
Office for the Arts
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Provostial Fund for the Arts & Humanities
David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
Mr. David M. Altshuler and Mrs. Jill Altshuler

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Mr. James J. Keefe, Jr.
The Moore Charitable Foundation, Inc.

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Dr. James L. Scales
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Mr. Tom Everett

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Dr. Lawrence M. Porter
Mr. Jeffrey Weinshenker
Mr. Gian Carlo Cervone
Mr. Randall Eng
Mr. John T. Kent
Mr. Jeremy A. Lawrence
Mr. John H. Noble III
Mrs. Rachel Lebejko Priester

Here's what some of our musicians have to say about our journey...

"There is no better time for the Harvard Jazz Band to travel to Cuba than now. With US-Cuba relations improving, this is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our connections to this country through the sharing of music. With music as a universal language, it provides a foundation upon which to build new cultural relationships while sharing, exploring, and celebrating our similarities and differences." -Diana Gerberich, Baritone Saxophone & Treasurer, Junior, Eliot House

"With a new dawn of cultural, social, and political exchange between the US and Cuba, characterized by compassion, curiosity, and understanding, there is no better time for the Harvard Jazz Bands to take on Harvard's responsibility as a world leader and model and be a global ambassador for music. Jazz is one tradition both countries hold dear, and is a point of cultural understanding we all can embrace. I am proud to help lead Harvard on this immense undertaking, and proud to be a part of this phenomenal exchange of cultures and ideas." -Jake Tilton, Tenor Saxophone & Band Manager, Sophomore, Eliot House

“Playing in the Monday Band with Yosvany has been an incredible experience, and I can only imagine how traveling to Cuba with him would change my relationship with jazz, my Harvard experience, and just my life in general. It’s the definition of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—one of Cuba’s best musicians giving us Harvard students a crash-course to Cuban music, culture, and history. I don’t think I could imagine a more transformative and educational week if I tried.” -Jared Perlo, Sophomore, Dunster House